(Articles) - Collection of published and unpublished papers and articles. If you select this type, all other articles in PIM , FRP, including newspapers articles will be retrieved.

(News Clippings) - Clippings from online Newspapers related to medical and allied health topics. Alternately, you may click the “Clippings” icon to have the clippings search interface.

(Faculty Research Papers and Publications) - include published and unpublished articles and monographs.

UP Gazette(UP Gazette)Index of Issuances published in UP Gazette

(Philipipine Index Medicus) - an index to Philippine medical journals (earliest to 1995). For 1996 to current go to PIM 1996-Current

(Reports) - Includes students' undergraduate theses and class reports submitted as courses requirement.

(Serials) - Periodical holdings of UP Manila libraries.

(Theses) - Collection of Theses and Dissertations.

(UPM Researches) - Research Papers and Publications of UP Manila : include published and unpublished articles and monographs (2006 - 2009).

(WHO Publications) – Index to World Health Organization publications.